How well do you know your customers? Are you utilizing the latest technology to grow your business? What does your web presence tell your customer about you? Are your processes streamlined and efficient?

Does your web presence help or hinder customer interactions?

Consumers are increasingly relying on the internet for buying decisions. When was the last time you looked up a number in the phone book? Will potential customers be impressed with your product (as presented on your website) or dismiss you out of hand?

How well do you trust the local web developer who owns your company's domain? What happens when vital changes to your business model occur that will result in negative brand image if not immediately updated? What if it's the weekend or a holiday?

Cloent Corp has a unique approach to web site development and business internet presence...

...we believe you should control it all!

There are 3 parts to a basic web presence:

  1. Domain name - We register all domains name in your name in accounts you control.
  2. Web host - Your content is hosted by a web host under an account that, you guessed it, you control.
  3. Content - We give you written Copyright release on all content we create for your site. You've paid us to create it for you, it's only fair you should own it!

We don't expect you to be a web programmer or graphic designer. (If you were, you probably wouldn't need us!) That's why we use simple, easy to use Content Management Systems (CMS) to house your content. We comb the web for the best (and often free) website templates available that meet your needs and taste.

If you can use Word, you can edit your webpage text. If you can't, that's okay too! Our industry standard, open source systems have an on/off switch. If your product prices triple at 3am on Christmas Day, log in and turn your site off.

The Cloud and Open Source revolutions have transformed web development. Our products leverage these developments to give you a modern, user friendly, economical solution.

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